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This Privacy Policy regulates our use of cookies, as well as the way personal information is handled via use of the website (hence forth referred to as “the website”).
The use of the website confers the condition of “user” and implies your understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions included in this Privacy Policy.
The user should carefully read this Privacy Policy whenever using this website, since the policy is subject to change.
MIGCOMP, cares about its responsibilities to protect your privacy as well as your personal details. The purpose of this policy is to inform you about what data is collected, how it can be used, and how information might be corrected or modified.

In accordance with the Law nº 67/98 of 26th of October, regarding Personal Data Protection, we are to inform you that the processing of private data in this website is of the responsibility of MIGCOMP - MONTAGEM DE COMPONENTES ELETRÓNICOS, LDA.
Collection of data means that your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address are used for communication with clients, processing queries, processing of complaints, statistical analysis, as well as to be used for direct marketing.
NOTE: Your information is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and may be shared or transfered to third parties only with your consent.
The user may accept or reject the terms and conditions under which this data is shared. If accepted, the date is voluntarily shared by the used, with the respective disclaimer in the respective form for such effect.
The user has the right to access this information at any time, and is always able to rectify, cancel, or reject this information. Furthermore, the user may request at any time, not to be contacted any longer for purposes of direct marketing.
The user may exercise these right sending a request via e-mail to
This website uses "cookies". Cookies are a small quantity of data sent from our server to your browser and they are stored in your computer’s hard drive. Normally cookies are used to allow us to monitor your visits to our website and to streamline your purchasing experience. We will request your consent wherever applicable.
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For further information, please check our Cookie Policy.
All of the information in this website, its graphic design, as well as its fonts, are part of the body of work owned by MIGCOMP - MONTAGEM DE COMPONENTES ELETRÓNICOS, LDA. and is therefore protected by copyright law.
Any use, modification, sharing, public communications, or any other action pertaining to this body of work, and that has not been explicitly authorised by the copyright owner, are forbidden.
The domain names and are property of MIGCOMP - MONTAGEM DE COMPONENTES ELETRÓNICOS, LDA and may not be used in a way that causes confusion among our clients and/or that causes discredit to the company.
MIGCOMP - MONTAGEM DE COMPONENTES ELETRÓNICOS, LDA., is exempt of any responsibility pertaining to the following: any issues with the website caused by force majeure, fortuitious or other causes non-traceable to the company, technical and/or mechanical problems, viruses “produced” when connecting to the internet, whether by our website or by third party websites, in IT systems (software or hardware), in electronic documents and files stored in IT equipment, access by minors of the information contained in the website are of the responsibility of the respective legal guardians to control, monitor and supervise.
MIGCOMP - MONTAGEM DE COMPONENTES ELETRÓNICOS, LDA, is no liable for acts of fraud, speculation or of ill will in regards to using this service.
The website may supply links to other websites. Please be mindful, that as soon as you navigate to a different website from ours, you are subject to different privacy policies out of our control and for which we cannot be made liable, therefore, despite being redirected from our website, responsibility to accept or reject the policy of the new website lies with the user.
MIGCOMP - MONTAGEM DE COMPONENTES ELETRÓNICOS, LDA, is not liable for any content that, whilst it might include MIGCOMP, has not been previously authorized by MIGCOMP. Please be informed that any communication related to initiatives or invitations to events related to our brand, will always be published on our website.
This Privacy Policy provides all the necessary information for you to decide whether you would like to use the website or not. When using the website and when communicating with us electronically, you understand and accept our privacy policy, and you provide us with your authorisation to process your data in conformity with this document.
Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via the wesbite’s contact page.
Suggestions and/or complaints can be submitted via e-mail ( or posted to the following address: Rua da Tomada, Zona Industrial de Oleiros, Lote 6 – 4730-325 Oleiros, Vila Verde - Portugal.
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